Electric Scooter Safety: Why Our Specialty Gloves Are a Game-Changer

Electric Scooter Safety: Why Our Specialty Gloves Are a Game-Changer

Published on 10 / 01 / 23 by Em S.

We want you to imagine yourself riding on your scooter. Picture the wind in your face, the trees zooming by, smelling the aromas of the city around you, good or bad. Now, imagine that same ride on a cold day. Your fingers might be getting numb. It's becoming harder to keep your grip. Then, BAM! You hit a bumpier part of the road lose your grip. 

As scooter riders ourselves, we know how this feels. We know that riding a scooter is an immersive experience that requires you to stay concentrated and committed to your driving. To help make this as easy as possible for riders like you, we began looking at scooter equipment to prep yourself for your next trip.

Here’s the problem. We didn’t find any gloves specifically tailored for electric scooter enthusiasts. BMX gloves were too thick, weightlifting gloves weren’t tailored for the elements, and football gloves didn’t provide the grip that we need for a secure ride. So, we decided to design our own. 

The Scooter Gloves are a custom design exclusive to Zoom Urban Gear. We love them! They are the perfect electric scooter accessory to purchase when owning your own electric scooter. They were designed to solve many riding frustrations without breaking the bank. We want to share with you how these gloves came to be and what makes them so great.  

The Importance of Protective Gloves

Electric scooters, with their compact size and agile maneuverability, have taken urban commuting by storm. However, these nifty devices can pose safety risks, especially when it comes to maintaining control. Wearing gloves can help to do the following:

  • Increase Grip: Unlike bikes, electric scooters need a firm grip to ensure stability while riding. Gloves help to increase your grip on scooter handlebars.
  • Protect from Injuries: When you, as a scooter rider, fall, you often instinctively extend your hands in front of you. Gloves offer a cushion for your palms in case of an accident. 
  • Weather: During the winter months, gloves can help protect against the harsh weather conditions and prevent fingers from going numb.

Our Founder, Charlie H., saw these factors and thought, “Why can’t I have a pair of gloves made just for me?” With this in mind, he began to brainstorm glove designs.

How We Developed the Scooter Gloves

Charlie started by exploring various sports gloves on internet platforms like Amazon. The search was exhaustive as he researched gloves from BMX, archery, weightlifting, and car racing. Many gloves were tested and returned. Gradually, the idea of the perfect scooter glove began to take shape. It needed grippy padded palms, lightweight fabric for low-speed riding, no knuckle padding (as it wasn't relevant to most scooter accidents), and a half-finger design for control, cooling, and easy phone usage while off the scooter.

Testing for Perfection

With a clear vision in mind, Charlie embarked on a global quest to find the best manufacturers capable of producing these gloves in mass quantities. After extensive research, Zoom Urban Gear partnered with a top factory in Pakistan known for their enthusiasm in developing innovative gloves for electric scooter riders.

We tested samples of existing glove designs and selected the one that proved most comfortable during electric scooter rides, as validated by various riders and friends. From there, we took the first 500 pairs of gloves, in our corporate color crimson, to Electrify Expo shows in Miami and Austin. This allowed us to get direct feedback from hundreds of electric vehicle enthusiasts and understand their preferences. The initial feedback was invaluable. It guided us in making necessary improvements to the gloves for consumers who would be using the product daily. Thanks to them, our gloves are the premium product they have today. 

Top - Tier Features 

After rounds of testing and feedback, we have been able to create a beautiful glove with the following features:

  • Shorter pull-off loops to reduce the chance of catching on brake levers, finger triggers, and thumb triggers
  • A wide distribution of sizes. We offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, covering more than 95% of adult scooter riders’ needs.
  • A no-loss clip, inspired by ski gloves, allows riders to clip their gloves together when not in use.
  • The option of fingerless or full-fingered gloves to cater to riders in different climates and going different speeds. 
  • Four exciting colors to choose from: Crimson, Indigo, Black, and Max Orange.

The Ultimate Electric Scooter Accessory

Our journey to create the ultimate electric scooter gloves has been driven by our passion for safety and comfort. We want the focus of the ride to be on the journey, the wind in your face, the image of the trees zooming by, and anything else you find great about riding. The Scooter Gloves do that. As the only gloves designed for Scooter riders, we are proud to share them with you.

Electric scooter riders, whether commuting or cruising for fun, should consider protective gloves an essential accessory. Getting high-quality electric scooter accessories like our specialized gloves is not just about style—it's about making safety a priority in your electric scooter journey. Whether you're a daily commuter, a recreational rider, or an occasional explorer, make sure you have the best gear to enjoy your electric scooter to the fullest. Your hands will thank you for it.