Our Story

Zoom Urban Gear started from a passion to solve the daily frustrations of electric scooter riders. After a chance encounter with electric scooters during a northern European vacation, a budding electric scooter enthusiast fell in love with the convenience, sustainability, and fun that riding electric scooters offers. 

After noticing that many problems riders experience need practical solutions, Charlie – the founder of Zoom Urban Gear – decided to help. He drew on his former life as a data scientist innovator, and began designing products, visiting trade and consumer shows, and listening to other riders. By the Fall of 2022, Zoom Urban Gear was born out of a deep passion to share the joy of riding scooters and seeing an opportunity to address the specific needs of scooter riders.

Today, Zoom Urban Gear accelerates forward with several innovative electric scooter accessories in development.  Our flagship product is The Meerkat, a patent-pending scooter stand and accessory hub. We also will be consistently curating guides, newsletters, and how-to's to ensure we are leaders in giving you innovative content. 

Make sure stand by for the "ScooterTribe", a space where our customers can connect with each other and give their opinions on our best product innovation path forward.

A Note From Our Founder

Zoom Urban Gear strives to be more than a company.

"Zoom Urban Gear brings together a lot of passions for me: environmental, societal, public health, cities and urban organization, teaching and mentoring.  I formed this company around my interests and aligned the brand with a point of view that will be helpful to the world. I am committed to every aspect of this company and its customers."

-Charlie Hammerslough, Founder and CEO