Coming Soon: The Meerkat Scooter Stand

Zoom Urban Gear is excited to announce the exclusive offering of The Meerkat, The World's first electric scooter stand and accessory hub! 

Scooters can be bad roommates. They are heavy, they are tall, they fall down, and the addition of accessories can make your home a mess. The Meerkat makes sure that you can store all of your items at once in a safe space all while protecting them from damage. From top to bottom, we have engineered this stand to enhance the electric scooter experience and make every ride extraordinary.

  • The frame is intentionally made with high-quality steel for durability and stability. 
  • Our Accessories Hub offers four slots for add-ons such as charger baskets and helmet hooks.
  • The Meerkat has an easy-to-use safety strap for additional security.

The Meerkat will start shipping this summer.

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