Welcome to Zoom Urban Gear

Founded in 2022, Zoom Urban Gear is the leader in electric scooter accessories. We develop our products from the perspective of riders. As scooter enthusiasts, we understand the needs of our community and look for solutions to common frustrations. From gloves to stickers to the game-changing Meerkat scooter stand (available for pre-order), you can expect to find innovative products just for you. 

Why Shop with Us?

  • Our high-quality products go through multiple rounds of development and testing before being sold to you.
  • As scooter owners ourselves, we design products that solve our problems as riders, not just accessories we think will sell.
  • We are more than just a store. Our goal is to build a community of individuals who are passionate about alternative modes of transportation.
  • We keep everything in-house, meaning we design, manufacture, and market our products ourselves.  We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our products.

More about us…

Our Mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric scooters by enhancing riders' experiences.