We hope you can be a part of the passionate community of scooter enthusiasts. To foster this, you will find a QR code and an invitation to join what we call the “ScooterTribe” when you buy one of our products.

We’re still building out this community, but it will be a forum for our customers to talk to each other and to us. You will be able to find insights on micromobility trends, forums to talk to manufacturers and thought leaders, best in class promotions, and sales on Zoom Urban Gear. 

Who knows? Maybe we can develop this thing so that we can come out to your city, have a ride, and party together!  Maybe it will grow beyond our customers… perhaps other manufacturers will buy into ScooterTribe for their loyal customers as well. 

Stay tuned for updates posted here, but remember that it’s that first QR code that gets you in the door to join the Tribe.